Without panties:from the Revolution to the Gym!

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Sans culotte : de la Révolution au Gym !

As recently as last week, I was heading to my gym. Rather late, I jumped into some panties and my fuchsia pink leggings and thoughtlessly put on a sleeveless white blouse.

At the gym, I apply myself to my routines, the proud look of the one to whom the scale announced good news of less than 1.2 kilos.

For some time now, I have taken a liking to selfies, a good way to make sure I do all my sets of exercises, especially quad biking, the desire is not there. Film yourself and you will see how efficient you will be!

A little viewing of my last video. Allure of a winner, good positions. What the hell is Fast Track Backtracking. Pause. Horror! My big emerald green panties escaped from my fuchsia leggings!!

She struts around, arrogant, in plain view, exposing her inimitable form and improbable color. Did they pay attention?

How long have they had their eyes on this unwanted junk I can already hear them calling me Bridget Jones behind my back!!

With or without?

 Yes, but how to combine comfort and performance Will I dare to free myself from this piece of fabric and practice the gym with no pants, or commando as the Americans call it Before going over and setting my underwear on fire, like a suffragette, I have to do my little investigation. Who wears the panties What type of panties or what other stratagem not to risk shamelessness or worse micro-cuts due to frictionnts?

 As a good Sherlock Holmes, I started the investigations on my own ground, tracking down the smallest demarcation of panties visible under the leggings. From the treadmill in my observation post, I could see that most of the subjects observed were not wearing underwear!

Everyone seemed to have freed themselves from this small detail long before me! This is how I decided to continue my investigation. I questioned the search engines and the experience of my sports girlfriends. A survey conducted for Cottonnelle toilet paper in 2015 reveals that 8 of women practicing yoga never bother with panties in their sports practicee


squatting woman.

Marketing has been making efforts for a few years and is adapting to the new practices of women. Underwear designed for the comfort of women and not for the visual enjoyment of men saw their sales increase. The range of colors and materials is now vast and offers each athlete the outfit adapted to his practice. If some opt for the thong during their exercises, I stay away from this accessory which quickly turns into a crossbow in my behind during my squats and rather harms my performance.


Some choose breathable leggings. Models with crossed seams at the crotch also exist, specially designed for those who do not want to wear anything underneath. The seamless panties do not leave traces but beware of the winding on the hips which causes a new unsightly phenomenon. It seems that ballerinas do not wear anything under their leotards, they surely have their reasons…


black leggings with mesh

What about your side dear readers What do you wear under your leggings Have you started the revolution without panties to burn your calories Should leggings become, like the kilt, an area of the buttocks in the airair?


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